How to Build a TV Stand

Thinking of building a TV stand that is modern and unique? One that will have everyone who walks into your home commenting on how beautiful it is and how much it elevates your space?

Well, the team at Delta Home Renovations decided to put together a unique, DIY TV stand guide for our readers. This TV Stand is both easy to build and absolutely stunning!

We’re using a custom dimension of 80” x 20”w x 25”h but feel free to modify this according to your space, taste, or TV Size. This TV stand can hold most large TVs up to 75 Inches.

Again, you can customize elements like color and wood type for this project.

Let’s delve in!

TV Stand – DIY Project Tools List

Materials needed to Make a TV Stand

 *Pine Lumber

(1) 2”x 12”x 8ft.

(3)  2” x 10” x 8ft.

*2 ½” construction screws



*Sanding Block

*Pre-Stain (optional)


TV Stand Dimensions

80” x 20”w x 25”h

Step by Step DIY Modern and Wooden TV Stand

Start by measuring and cutting the following pieces:

2” x 12”s:

  • One piece 60” long
  • One piece 25” long
  • One piece 11.14” long is the remaining cut of the total wood (8 ft)

2” x 10”s:

  • Two pieces 48” long
  • Two pieces 20” long
  • Two pieces 61” long
  • One piece 16” long
  • One piece 12” long ·
DIY TV Stand

After making the cuts you have to have 11 pieces of wood .

DIY TV Stand

Three of the pieces will be 12” and eight of 10”

To begin, we will put the two pieces of 2” x 10 x 20” on their ends (longer side). The distance measurement of these two pieces is determined by the piece that you’ll screw onto them. In this case, the 2 x 10 x 61 pieces.

Build TV Stand

Now we must place each piece of 2 “x 10” x 61“ and fix it at the ends with the screws. Start with one and secure the other after that’s done.

Make a TV Stand

Using 2 screws at each end is fine, you can pre-drill the holes to make the job easier

Easy DIY TV Stand

Next, you need to take your tape measure and measure from the left edge of your 2 “x 10″ x 61“ and make a mark at a distance of 37”

Once done, it’s time to turn.

Now move that mark along the edge of the wood all the way to the underside.

(This is so you can locate it for the next piece)

You must place the 2” x 10” x 16” piece on the mark that we make, the right edge of the piece must touch the mark


At this stage we will take the two 2” x 10” x 48” and we will put them together.

We must again measure and make a mark.

This mark will be 23 from the left edge. On that mark, we will fix the piece of 2” x 12” x 11.14”


We will take the first part that we were putting together (PART A), we will turn it over, and we will place it in such a way that the left end is at the root. You need to balance this properly on a working table because of the protruding wood on PART B.

Next, we will fix with the screws, two at each end.

Now we can turn it around again and it should stay this way

DIY TV Stand Step by step

Now we have half of our furniture assembled!

We begin to work with the remaining parts of 2” x 12”


We will take the 2” x 12” x 60” piece and fix it on top of the 2” x 12” x 25” piece

Now only the final step remains, joining the two parts.

To finish the assembly we will fix the remaining 2” x 10” x 12” piece to our right leg

It should look like this.

It is time to paint but first, we must sand the entire surface well … (do not forget to use your mask)

Be very patient, and sand the entire surface well, paying special attention to the edge.

Optional: If you want a smoother finish, apply a pre-stain first.

Now we can stain it up! (do not forget to wear protective gloves and your mask)

We can use an old cloth; it is also a good idea to use a sponge, it gives a good finish.

Once the stain is dry we can apply the poly.

(We recommend reading the instructions on the stain jar to know its correct drying time. You can also test it on a small piece of wood.)


You’re done! Now you can place your TV on top… This is what the finished product should look like.

DIY Modern TV Stand

If you ever make this stand, we would love to hear it in the comments section!

However, if you think this is too much work, don’t feel guilty for choosing already made. We’ve got a great selection of TV stands that you can buy at very affordable rates.