How to Close Blinds with Strings

Closing a blind seems like an easy task, and it is, but there are a lot of essential factors to consider before closing it. It is not something most people think of but closing your blinds the right way will benefit you more than you might imagine. 

Did you know that how you close your blinds affects how energy or air goes through your room? Did you also know there are different types of string blinds? We bet you didn’t. That is why we are here to guide you on the best way to close a blind with strings.

What Are Strings on a Blind? What They Do And How They Work

As they are commonly called, strings or cords are rope-like materials that run through the holes on each side of a window blind. They are connected to a cord lock on the top part of the blinds. Depending on the type of blind you have, some come with 1, 2, or 4 strings, and some do not have it at all. Those blinds are called cordless blinds.

The strings are used to control the blinds. You can use them to lock, roll, shade, close or open up the blinds. What matters is the direction you are pulling them in. It could differ in each blind, but an example of what we mean is if you pull in one direction, you will close your blind, and if you the opposite direction, you will open your blind. 

The strings sometimes get tangled, but you can easily untangle them. However, they are not liked by everyone because some people find them unattractive. 

How To Close Different Types Of Blinds With Strings

Single-string blinds:

Step 1 – Locate the string

The string is usually on the right sight of the blinds. It is attached to a clutch on top that helps with moving the blinds.

Step 2 – Pull the cord to unlock the blinds.

Pull the cord in the opposite direction, which is to the left, at a 45 – degree angle.

Step 3 – Lower the blinds

You have to be extra careful with this process. Do not release the cord just yet; hold it in that left position so the blinds remain unlocked. Still holding that position, gently loosen your hold on the string to lower the blinds. If you release too fast, the string will become tangled. 

Step 4 – Lock The Blinds

To lock the blind, you simply have to do the opposite of step 2. Instead of pulling the string to the left, pull it to the right and tug on it with some force. This will lock your blinds in your preferred position. Remember to release it slowly to make sure they are correctly locked. 

Multiple string blinds

Follow the same steps to lock a blind with multiple strings. The only difference is in the position of the strings. There is typically one on each side of the blind for these blinds and one in the middle. 

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