What Colour of Cabinets Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

One of the best and most common countertops used in houses these days is brown granite countertops. This countertop has become a classic in almost every household, and it’s not surprising because it is quite pretty and cool.

Asides from that, it’s also a neutral color that will ultimately match with any color that gets paired with it. If your kitchen has bright walls, having a brown granite countertop will work as a stabilizer to tone down the walls’ brightness, but even then, you need to think of the cabinets.

Colours of Cabinets That Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

One good way to make your kitchen stand out is by having a keen eye for color coordination. You need to know the right colors to match to create an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. So while brown generally matches all colors, some definitely work better with it than others. These include:

  • Brown

Yes, brown cabinets match perfectly with brown granite countertops. Don’t worry about it being “too brown”. It won’t look that way. The thing is, there are several shades of brown, so it will be easy for you to mix and match.

You can mix a Baltic brown with some other lighter shades of brown like tan brown, ivory brown, and many more.

  • Cream 

Brown and cream are both neutral colors, so they go well together. If your brown granite countertop is on the darker side of the spectrum, cream-colored cabinets will match it nicely. 

If you can’t find full cream-colored cabinets, it’s okay. As long as there’s a touch of cream in the cabinets, it will work fine too.

  • Orange and Pale Yellow

If your granite countertop has streaks of orange and yellow, orange and pale yellow colored cabinets will look beautiful with it. The standard orange might be a bit too bright for your countertop, so look for burnt orange. It rhymes more.

For the yellow, it should be a pale one. It should be similar to one that has been mixed with white. This is what it looks like.

  • Beige 

Beige is a color that looks like a mix between red and brown. It is a dark contrast color and will match a light brown granite countertop best. The key to finding the right color is knowing what tone suits what. It is always better to mix dark tone colors with light ones.

  • White 

If you are still quite confused about what color to pick at the end of the day, white will always be a good option.

It is a very versatile color and can uplift the look of your house from old and boring to modern and chic. There’s just something about white that makes a house instantly look prettier and more classy.

Remember to check that it matches the color of the walls too. You might also want to check out some of the best paint colors for your brown granite countertop. 

Good luck!