How To Find Your Moen Faucet Model Number

As the number one and most popular brand for selling faucets and related products in North America, Moen offers a wide and very diverse selection of all your bathroom accessories, and there is a model number on each of these products.

Why Is It Important To Have The Moen Faucet Number?

One day you might wake up to see that your Moen faucet is not working. In such a case, you have just two options. The first option is to simply change it for another one, and your second option is trying to fix the faucet.

If you choose the second one, you will need some tools to repair it yourself. Suppose you are feeling lazy or you prefer getting it fixed by the company itself. In that case, you’ll need to find out if the product is still within its warranty period and check the faucet’s compatibility, maintenance, and servicing details.

Asides from the purpose of repairing your faucet, you may need guidance on how to install it, or you might just want to confirm if your faucet is truly a Moen product or a cheap rip-off.

In order to do any of those things, you will need the faucet model number of the product. You will need to input or call out the number to get any information about your faucet on the site or through their customer care service.

So, How Do You Get The Number?

According to Moen, there are different places you can search for the Moen faucet model number; the product itself, the packaging or sticker, the receipt or invoice, and the installation guide.

  • Product

The name of the company will be written on the faucet. Moen is affiliated with other brands, and one of them is CFG. If you see the name CFG on your faucet, then it is a member of the Moen family. The company also stated the name of the brands that are not part of the Moen family. They are Delta, Kohler, and Price Pfister.

Another way to get the number is by looking at the marking on the faucet. Sometimes, numbers are printed on different parts of the faucets. While they may not be the Moen faucet model number, you can give the number to a customer care representative to help you with the model identification.

There could be a red and blue plug button that is used as the universal symbol for hot and cold. Check the water spout, spray wand, or aerator for this number, A112.18.1. If your faucet has a removable handle cap, Moen will be written on it, and the cap may have a number imprinted underneath it. Also, check for component numbers on broken parts.

  • Packaging or Sticker

If you have the original box, check the body and the box’s front to be exact. The number beneath the word, Caldwell, is the Moen faucet model number. You can check the UPC on the retail or wholesale box. For stickers, directly below the company name, Moen, usually written in all caps, and before the website URL, is where you will find the model faucet number.

  • Receipt or Invoice

If you don’t have your box, check the receipt or invoice of the purchase. The model number typically comes in front of the product name.

  • Installation Guide

Below is the description of the faucet, underneath the picture of the faucet you bought, the number written at the top right-hand right corner of the sheet is the Moen faucet model number.