4 Ways to Get Pee Out of a Couch

Do you have kids? Pets? Then, the sudden occurrence of them peeing on your couch is inevitable. After a long day at school or playing at a neighbor’s place, your kids tend to retire to the couch and doze off into a deep sleep, leaving a pool of pee. Here, you’re left with how to get the pee out of the couch.

You’ll be left with the question, ‘’how do I get the pee out of this couch?’’

How To Get Pee Out Of A Couch

Get Pee Out of a Couch

You might just be lucky to see the pee while it’s still fresh, or you might be late to figure out that something awful has happened to your couch. So, you’d be left to deal with removing the pee stain and deodorizing the ammonia-like odor of the pee trapped inside of your couch. The foul smell occurs due to bacteria releasing enzymes to break down the pee.  

  • Get Towels To Soak The Urine

If you’re lucky to get to the place of incidence, that is, the couch being peed on early enough, get towels to dampen off the pee from the couch. Be careful while doing this not to make the urine spread further. If not, you could re-wet the surface and dump the water off.

  • Use Of Vinegar And Baking Soda

Sprinkle a nice amount of baking soda on the couch; this will help deodorize the stain. Then, mix water and distilled white vinegar in 1:1, equal parts of the two in a clean spray bottle, and spray on the baking soda to saturate it. After leaving it for approximately 15 minutes, blot out the stain with a cloth. Then, air dry. 

  • Use Of An Enzymatic Cleaner

The uric acid which causes the odor isn’t soluble in water and won’t leave the couch so easily. So, this measure aids the removal and is fast and effective. Get an enzyme cleaner in any store close to you and soak the couch with it.

Make sure it reaches the depth of where the pee got to, in the couch. Follow the instructions stated on the product. (Try this on a small part of the stain first.) After that, air dry the couch or put it directly under the sun to make it dry well.

  • Use of Hydrogen Peroxide (The oxidation reaction)

Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down some chemicals in urine (it aids in breaking of bonds in stains). It’s a multi-purpose, harmless and non-toxic cleaner. Sprinkle the baking soda on the stain. Then, add a grease removing detergent and 2 to 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide into a bowl.

Dip a towel into the hydrogen mixture and apply it to the stain. Here, the detergent’s action will eliminate the acid that creates the odor, and the foam from the peroxide will bring the crystals that leave the stains out. 

Note: It bleaches. Test it on a bit of surface before fully applying. Read this guide on how to use hydrogen peroxide properly.

How To Prevent Pee From Getting In The Couch

Set boundariesMake your children know the implications of peeing on a couch. Teach them not to fall asleep on the couch to prevent them from peeing on the couch. Also, set boundaries for your pets. Do not let them climb unto the couch unnecessarily. When your child is about to sleep, and you have no choice but to leave them there, have layers of thick clothes to reduce the rate at which the pee penetrates the couch.