How Many Bags of Concrete Are on A Pallet?

The number of bags of concrete in a pallet will depend on the size and weight of the concrete bags. The range is between 42 and 80.

When buying concrete in bulk, it is usually delivered on a pallet. This makes transporting it with a forklift considerably easier. Concrete is packaged differently depending on the mix and weight. The figures presented above are normal; however, they are subject to change.

So, How Many Bags Of Concrete Are On A Pallet?

It’s good to get familiar with what a full pallet looks like, the number of bags it carries, and how much area you’ll be able to cover.

  • 80 lb. bags:

80 lb. bag of concrete is the standard bag size you’ll be using on most projects. The strength we use sometimes varies, but 80 lb. bags are used for almost everything. Normally you’ll get 42 bags of 80 lb. concrete on a pallet. This is the largest size of bag available for most concrete mix types.

Lifting the 80 lb. bag of concrete is not an everyday task. These bags are meant for big projects where you have the kind of muscle to move these bags around. The total weight of the pallet will be 3360 lb.

  • 60 lb. bags:

The 60 lbs. bags of concrete mix have 56 bags on a pallet. If you’re more familiar with the metric system, a 60 lb. bag is just under 30 Kilograms, 27.2 Kg to be exact. The total weight of the pallet will be 3360 lb.

  • 40 lb. bags:

These have 80 total bags on the pallet. Therefore, the total weight of this pallet is around 3200 lb., which is equal to 1451.4 Kilograms. 40 lb. is also just 18 kg, so if you’re thinking of manually moving the bags, then this would be the most appropriate option for you. The total weight of the pallet of 40 lb. bags will be less than the total weight of the pallet with 60 lb. or 80 lb. bags.

Determining How Many Bags of Concrete You Will Need

When estimating how many bags of concrete to order on a pallet, it’s critical to understand coverage. Even though the box states how many cubic feet each bag will cover, determining the amount of bags of concrete mix you require might be difficult. It is preferable if you can order from a business that will gladly accept any unwanted bags.

An 80-pound bag of concrete covers 45 cubic feet on average. A 60-pound bag of concrete, on the other hand, will cover 30 cubic feet. Make sure to leave some margin for error no matter how much area you aim to cover or what sort of concrete mix you use. Always buy an extra bag or two just in case.

Calculate how much concrete you’ll need for the area you’re working on by measuring it. Then determine which mix you require, the bag weight, and the quantity of bags required. This will tell you how many concrete bags are on a pallet and how many pallets you’ll need to order.