10 Types Of Shades For Rooms

One way to spice up your bedroom and add more personality is through window shades and blinds. They can dramatically take your room from 0 – 100 in a blink of an eye, and there is a wide variety available today.

This makes picking the right choice for your room a bit of a challenge, maybe even more difficult than picking the right cabinet for your kitchen countertop. There are many things you have to put into consideration before getting one.

Things like the size, and shape of your windows, the purpose of the room, your sensitivity to light, and your personal style. It wouldn’t be wise to pick a shade that offers no light filter if your eyes are sensitive to it.

You will also have to choose between a custom-made shade or a ready-made one. Most people go for custom-made ones because they get to have an input on how they want their shades to look but if you want to save some money, go for ready-made ones.

Here are some of the 10 most common types you can find in the market.

10 Types Of Shades For Rooms

  • Pleated shades
  • Roman shades
  • Solar shades
  • Cellular/honeycomb shades
  • Motorized shades
  • Roller shades
  • Panel track shades
  • Sheer shades
  • Semi-sheer shades
  • Natural woven shades
  • Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades are shades made from a single piece of fabric that has been pleated. When it’s pulled open, it sits flat on top of the window and remains hidden. It looks like slats due to its many horizontal lines.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are very popular and are similar to pleated ones because they are both made of a single fabric and fold neatly when pulled up. They are typically made with eyelets and cords on the wrong side of the fabric to draw them up.

They are called roman shades because their first use was dated back to ancient Rome, just like roman bathtubs, where they were used to block out the sun from Rome’s famous Coliseum.

The fabrics used then were much more prominent and luxurious than those used today, but the arrangement of ropes and flowing motion is almost the same.

There are two types of this shade; the flat fold and the soft fold.

  • Solar Shades

Also known as window sunglasses, solar shades offer an excellent degree of sun-blocking benefits. If you have a problem with excessive sunlight in your room, you should definitely consider getting solar shades.

They are made with a coated material, usually vinyl, that is firmly woven for maximum light coverage. These shades become more opaque as it filters more light.

  • Cellular or Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades or as some people call them, energy savers. If you are an energy-conscious person, these are the right shades for you. They are similar to roman and pleated shades, except they are made with two or more layers of material to create cellular compartments or cells.

They work by trapping air in those compartments and thereby providing insulation. In summer, the air will be cooler; in winter, it will be warmer. Apart from being air trappers, they are sound absorbent as well.

They come in different varieties of cell sizes; there are single cells, double cells, and triple cells. More cells lead to an increase in energy saving. The only disadvantage of the shades is that insects sometimes get trapped in the cells as well and die there, making it difficult to clean.

  • Motorized Shades

Having window shades shouldn’t be hard, particularly when you have more than 2 windows in your room. All that pulling and drawing can be a chore sometimes, and it’s just not fair. The best way to avoid that is by buying a motorized shade.

Motorized shades are the most convenient smart shades ever, and the good news is, any shade can be turned into one. 

Another great thing about it is, one button can be used to control two or three window shades at the same time. Rather than struggle with pulling and tugging the ropes of your shades, simply press a button to raise or lower the blinds. Cool right?

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades are also suitable for filtering and blocking sunlight. They are made in a wide variety of fabrics and pulling systems. People love them for their clean appearance and the versatility they give in a room.

  • Panel Track Shades

Panel tracks are sliding fabric panels that are used for filtering sunlight on sliding glass doors. They provide excellent privacy protection and are pretty easy to slide and move around your windows. They are typically used for large windows or other types of wide openings.

These shades are sometimes used as room dividers due to their size. The panels are easy to replace if you feel you want a different look. 

  • Sheer Shades or Sheers

Unlike the other shades so far, sheer shades don’t entirely filter light. They are made with thin and soft fabrics that vary in light filtering capacities. You will need to check properly to make sure you get one that offers the brightness level of your choice because these shades allow light to enter a room, although they reduce glare. 

  • Semi-sheer Shades or Semi-sheers

Semi-sheer shades diffuse light but still offer little to no privacy. They are best used as a decorative piece more than anything else.

  • Natural Woven Shades

Natural woven shades, also known as wood woven shades or matchstick shades, are made from bamboo, reeds, jute, rattan, or natural grass. Similar to baskets, they are woven into a shape that adds a rich texture to your room. 

If you love nature, without a doubt, you will love these shades as they are sustainable and make your room beautiful in an organic way.