What Color Of Cabinets Go With Black Granite Countertops?

If you plan to remodel your kitchen and wonder what color of cabinets will best suit your black granite countertops, you don’t need to look any further. Discard all thoughts of removing your countertop, you don’t need to go that far.

Black is a versatile color, and that makes it fairly easy to find colors that match with it anytime, any day.

Due to their luxurious and classy patterns, black granite countertops have made a massive comeback in the market. Their glossy or sometimes matte look gives them a ton of personality that you just won’t find in any other color of granite countertops.

They are ideal for all kinds of kitchen designs. It doesn’t matter what shade of black it is. It’s still ideal for both minimalist kitchens and modern ones.

Colours of Cabinets That Go With Black Granite Countertops?

Whichever shade of black you go for, there’s a befitting color for it. If you like contrasts in your kitchen, you will definitely love the following colors for the black granite countertop.

  • White 

If you are thinking of a color that will make your kitchen stand out and scream elegance, then white should be the first color on your mind. It provides excellent contrasts in any modern kitchen design. Picture any modern you have seen, and you will notice that black granite countertops are almost always paired with white cabinets.

  • Grey

So you think white is too common. You’d rather pick something else. That’s okay; grey is here for you. You can use any shade of the color; it doesn’t matter. It is another color that effortlessly matches black granite countertops. 

To take it up a notch, you can pair it with white backlash tiles for a more airy feel. It’s not too bright like white, and it gives a cozy vibe to a kitchen which is really what anyone would want. It’s also good for a late-night snack on a cold rainy night.

  • Brown

When you think of brown, what comes to your mind? Luxury, wealth, class, and nature. There’s something very earthy and natural about this color that not only makes you feel like you are one of the characters in a Victorian-era movie but also gives you a sense of calm. 

Similar to grey, you can choose any tone or shade of this color. You can either use light brown, dark brown, chocolate brown, etc., the choice is up to you. If you mix lighter shades with a touch of white on the windows or appliances, your kitchen can have a modern look. 

  • Cream

Use this color when you don’t want either dark tones or light tones. It provides a perfect balance. It’s not too bright like white, neither is it too dark like grey or brown. If you want a more rustic-looking kitchen, then cream is the best color to use.

If you would like to make it modern, add a touch of beige. It provides a nice contrast between the shiny black granite countertop and the mellow tone of the cream-colored cabinets.

  • Green

This color is for the bold and daring ones. It is a rare color for kitchens, specifically household kitchens, but it works nonetheless. Mint green, apple green, lime green, or any light shade of the color will have your kitchen looking as futuristic as possible.

  • Blue 

This is yet another rare color to be found in a kitchen but similar to green, with the right shade you can have your kitchen look highly fashionable and luxurious. Think about it, when has black and blue ever been a wrong choice?

  • Black

No, you are not giving your kitchen a Halloween makeover; black on black isn’t that bad. Understandably, not everyone will like the combination, but you can definitely make it work with a bit of a trick.

Just like every other color in this world, black has different shades. Most times, your granite countertop is a shiny, stark black shade, so you can mix in a lighter one to create a balance.

Asides from the shades and tones, play around with textures and add splashes of other colors with your backlash, appliances, utensils, and even the flooring. Colors like white, light brown, and cream will make the place look lighter and not overwhelm you with so much blackness. 

So there you have it. Whether you want a modern kitchen, traditional one, rustic one, or a “smart” kitchen, these colors paired with your black granite countertop will give you just that.