What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

So after several months of searching, you’ve got a house, and you are in love with it. Being the creative person you are, you have taken on the tasks of handling your interior design yourself.

Everything is fine, you have the perfect curtain, the plush couches, and a dreamy bedroom but there’s just one problem.

While you love every other part of the house, you feel it lacks something when it comes to the kitchen. It’s a beautiful room, and it looks nice, but you are having the general problem everyone seems to have.

The paint color of the wall or cabinets does not match the brown granite countertop. What were the former owners thinking!

It’s a bummer, really, because brown granite is one of the most beautiful colors of granite one can have in the kitchen. You have no option but to repaint the walls or cabinets, but the question is, what color do you use?

Types Of Granite

Before you decide on the color of paint to use, you need to identify the type of brown granite that you have. If your granite is a standard shade of brown, it will be easy to select a color but most times, “brown” granite contains other colors.

Modern-day granites are never just one plain color. They typically have other colors mixed with them or have several shades of brown mixed together. This makes it quite challenging to select a nice color that would excellently match the granite you have.

Here are some of the types popular today:

  • Baltic brown
  • Tan brown
  • Giallo Veneziano
  • Topical brown
  • Autumn brown
  • Ivory brown
  • Carmel brown
  • Labrador antique
  • Coffee brown

These are the typical shades of brown granite in the market today. There are other types of brown granite as well. These types usually have different shades of other colors mixed with brown. They are:

  • Amarello Boreal granite
  • Amarello Pearl granite
  • Amarelo Capri granite
  • Amarelo Dakar granite
  • Amarillo Pearl granite
  • Amazon Blue granite
  • Amazon Star granite
  • American Mahogany granite
  • Angola Brown granite
  • Antique Brown granite

What To Consider Before Selecting A Color

You have to consider a few things when selecting a color that will suit your brown granite. 

  • Color Blocking

While the kitchen has some differences from other rooms in a house, you still need to make sure that whatever paint color you pick fits in perfectly with the rest of the house. You can’t have a pink kitchen and an orange living room. Learn how to effectively block colors together to get the best out of your design.

  • The Type Of Granite

Due to the complexness of granites, brown ones to be exact, it isn’t easy to pick a color that would suit it well. If it has streaks of other colors, a general rule of thumb is to select the more dominant color among the streaks.

That means if there are streaks of blue, green, and yellow in your brown granite, and yellow is more dominant, choose yellow as your choice of color.

What Color of Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

Now that you know the criteria for picking a color, here are some suggestions that will go wonderfully with your brown granite.

White + Brown Granite – Always Safe

If you feel none of those colors will work and want to play it safe, use white. There are different shades of white as well, so be sure to check well before purchasing the paint.

Modern Combo

If you are looking for a more modern look, blue is your best bet. There are different shades of blue to choose from; aquamarine, icy blue, sky blue, and other lighter shades of blue will do the trick.

Historical Combos

If you want something that gives a historical and classical era vibe, then beige, ivory, tan, and other shades of brown and orange will do just fine.

Shades of Yellow + Brown Granite – Hellow Sunshine!

If your granite has shades of yellow or orange in it, these colors are your best friends; pale yellow, mint green, and seafoam green.

If you choose to remove the granite entirely, we have written an article that shows you how to here.