What to Do With a Vintage TV

You can transform or repurpose your vintage TV into something more helpful around the house, and it could serve as part of your home decor, as a stool, minibar, or anything else. 

Continue reading to discover creative ideas to give your defunct vintage TV a whole new life and purpose in your home. After reading this piece, you will be glad you didn’t throw it away. 

Let’s get started! 

7 Ideas for Your Vintage TV

Discussed below are some of our top DIY picks for what you can do with your Vintage TV.

1. Create a Minibar

Turning your Vintage TV into a minibar is a trendy idea as it redecorates the space while serving as a minibar. This dual functionality ensures that you get the most out of your living space while caring for the TV.

You can easily remove the old wires and accessories from your Vintage TV and replace them with wine and spirits as well as glass decanters. 

You can also install an internal light to your new minibar to create a homey feel and bring the attention of your guests to the array of labels and bottles on display. 

2. Create a Vintage TV Bookshelf

This idea will appeal to book lovers who have Vintage TVs. You can revitalize that heavy, cumbersome Vintage TV into an appealing, charming, and revitalized bookshelf. 

When trying to convert your Vintage TV into a bookshelf, after removing wires and every old television accessory, research practical DIY ideas online and incorporate them to create your own unique Vintage TV bookshelf. 

You can also personalize your Vintage TV bookshelf by adding lights and fixtures. 

3. Create a Home for Your Pets

You can also use your Vintage TV to create a home for your pets, from tiny homes for smaller pets to beds for pets like dogs and cats. 

This provides a solution for your pets while converting your Vintage TV to something more fashionable as a pet owner. 

Like the other ideas discussed above, you can also personalize your Vintage TV pet home or bed to make it unique for you and your pets. 

Minor fixtures like interior lights or designing your pet’s name into your decoration can be a great way to personalize your new creation. 

4. Aquarium

This is an eco-friendly solution that environmentalists would love. 

Turning your Vintage TV into an aquarium TV is a green, eco-friendly use for your Vintage TV, and it helps give little fishes a home while providing you with something beautiful to look at.

Using an aquarium TV means you do not have to worry about sounds and noises. This is why the aquarium TV is among our top picks for what to do with your Vintage TV. 

5. Convert it to furniture

You can also convert your Vintage TV into a beautiful retro chair. 

One of the unique features of the Vintage TV chair is that it can also double as a TV or Stereo console. This clever idea manages space and provides an artistic outlet for your furniture while taking care of your Vintage TV. 

Another piece of furniture you can make out of your Vintage TV is a low stool. You can redesign it as a stool or a low table after taking out the wires and accessories from your Vintage TV. You can personalize it and make it unique according to your tastes. 

6. Donate to Antique Centers

You might choose not to keep your Vintage TV and want an option that gets rid of your Vintage TV. 

In that case, you can donate your Vintage TV to antique dealers who deal in such items. By donating your Vintage TV to antique dealers, you ensure that it is well preserved and will be appropriately disposed of if need be.

You can also donate your Vintage TV to charity or welfare organizations. These are good causes, and you’d be contributing to them. 

7. Recycle

Recycling is another eco-friendly option. You can take your Vintage TV to a local recycling plant and have it recycled. 

This is an excellent option as it protects the environment while ensuring that the materials in your Vintage TV are disposed of properly.