Why is it Called a Murphy Bed?

Ever wondered what a murphy bed is?

The name ‘’Murphy Bed’’ was derived from the inventor’s name, William Lawrence Murphy, in the late 1900s. Mr. Murphy lived in his studio apartment in downtown San Francisco. Murphy thought of ways to make his apartment comfortable by manipulating the room space, enabling him to entertain in one living space. This landed him a comfortable room and a branded product, ‘’The Murphy Bed.’’

Are Wall Beds And Murphy Beds The Same?

Murphy Bed vs wall bed
Murphy Bed

You might have heard about wall beds and wondered what Murphy beds are and why they are called Murphy beds. These beds have long been mistaken for one another, and they have very similar structures but are entirely different. We’ll be stating the visible differences between these beds.

Every Murphy bed is a wall bed, but not every wall bed is a Murphy bed.

The wall bed was designed in the late 20th century by a black female American, Sarah Goode. It was never designed to be in a closet, like the Murphy bed. It was originally a cabinet that was just mounted up a wall.

The wall bed is made of a wooden frame and a wooden bed box, unlike the Murphy bed’s hinged framework. Another visible difference is that the wall bed opens with some wooden locking legs in a box. Pistons, not springs, also power it. The wall beds are shorter than the murphy beds.

For the Murphy bed, some door hinges did the trick. William Murphy made a metal frame from them that could fold up. He designed this frame to contain a bed and a closet. Strings powered this frame, so he didn’t have to lift all the weight of the mattress. Instead, the spring did that. The murphy bed is a metal frame that folds up often into a closet (using a spring mechanism).

The leg of the bed is a simple metal, unhooked to touch the floor, which is very visible- not locking legs like that of a wall bed, which is less visible. One disadvantage of the Murphy bed is that the springs wear off after a long time of use. These beds are comfortable, long-lasting, and have various designs and sizes.

Benefits Of A Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed
  1. The Murphy bed is built to utilize a small space well/maximize the function of a room.
  2. It’s a multifunctional bed that allows for several uses of things. We have evolved Murphy beds, including shelves on each side of the bed and a sofa.
  3. It makes a room look nice (less cluttered) when folded against the wall, looking like a simple closet or a regular wall.
  4. They come in different sizes and modern styles.
  5. Guests could be easily entertained, and no one has to sleep on the floor or in an airbag.

Where Can I Purchase A Murphy Bed?

The best place to search would be Amazon. There are hundreds of murphy beds on the site and the good thing is they offer worldwide shipping, so regardless of your location, you can still order from them. But if you would like to see the bed first, any nearby furniture store will definitely have some in stock.